I’d like to report a grade crossing malfunction, disabled vehicle on the tracks, or any other emergency at a grade crossing. Who do I call?

Please see Crossings for instructions on reporting a grade crossing incident.

Where does Conrail currently operate?

For information on current Conrail operations, please see our System Map.

I am looking to work on or occupy Conrail property. How do I obtain proper clearance and permission to do so?

Please see the Working on Conrail Property section for information about acquiring right of entry clearance.

Why do trains blow horns at grade crossings? Can horns be kept quiet at night?

Railroad engineers are federally required to sound horns at least 15 seconds in advance of all public grade crossings. This requirement is in effect 24 hours per day. For information about a quiet zone, please visit the FRA’s website.

Where can I obtain a copy of Conrail’s train schedules?

As a freight railroad operating 24/7, Conrail does not have any publicly available schedules. Expect trains on any rail line at any time of day.

I have a concern about Conrail property. Whom can I contact to find an answer for my concern?

All citizen concerns should be directed to Citizens Concerns or Complaints

How do I find out if a piece of property is owned by Conrail?

Please visit Real Estate Contacts to contact our real estate team. They will be able to assist.

How do I get rail service from Conrail?

Conrail no longer handles commercial matters for customers. If you would like to take advantage of efficient freight rail service, please visit the customer pages of our parent companies CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern.

How do I contact Conrail’s Customer Service Department?

Please visit Customer Service Representatives for the appropriate contact information.

How can I voice a general concern?

Please contact Citizens Concerns or Complaints.

Where can I purchase Conrail merchandise?

Please visit the Conrail Store.

Where can I find information about rates, tariffs, or demurrage?

These inquiries should be made with CSX and/or Norfolk Southern. As a switching and terminal railroad operating impartially on behalf of both railroads, Conrail does not handle rates or billing.

I am an employee returning to work, what do I need to do?

Employees returning to work after a Medical or Non-Medical Leave of Absence should see the Return to Work Information located on the Employees page.

I am an employee and need to verify my employment for a credit or reference check. What phone number should I use?

Please see the Employment Verification number located on the Employees page.

I am an employee and looking for information about Savings and Retirement Benefits, Health Benefits, or Payroll. Where should I go to find this information?

Please see contact information under the Employees page.

I have a question related to an on or off-duty illness or injury. Where can I find information?

Please see Medical Contact Information under the Employees page.

Where can I find information about employment with Conrail?

Job postings are located on Conrail's Jobs page.

I am a retired Conrail employee looking for benefits information. Where can I find this?

Please look on the Retirees page.

Does Conrail operate passenger trains?

Conrail does not operate passenger service. Please visit NJTransit, Septa, or Amtrak for information about passenger services.